Needs to Consequences Mapping
For: Designers, Product People, Digital Leaders, Developers

Understand the negative impacts of your digital product

Understand the negative consequences of your product or services and create a basis for evaluating your user- and business needs in the context of its negative impacts.

How to use:
1. Place your product / service / experience / idea in the center
2. Put your business- and user-needs to the lower part of the circle. Separate them by primary and secondary needs
3. Identify possible negative consequences of every need, place them in the upper half in the according part (Ecological, Societal, Human) and connect them to the according needs
4. Identify additional negative consequences of the product. Look for relations between these and the existing needs

Download the tool here: NeedsToConsequencesMapping.PDF

Needs to Consequences Mapping by Thorsten Jonas, SUX Network is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0