The UX of Burnout

My personal List of Ressources

This is my personal list of books, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. that I helped me during the recovery from my burnout. Please note, that some of the pieces are available only in german. But I checked for english versions of the books and marked if it is available only in german, or in german and english. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

German title: „Das Kind in Dir muss Heimat finden“. A great book by Stefanie Stahl. Very practical. It helps you to get in touch with „the demons from the past“. You learn about your so called inner shadow child, that might be responsible for many difficult situations you face. And with the help of the book you create your so called inner sun child, as a counterpart. Note: English Version is not yet released, but as far as I know, its soon to be (Dec. 2020).

Ein wirklich toller Podcast von Michael Kurth aka Curse. Wertvolle Techniken und Tipps. Tolle Mediationen. Für mich war dieser Podcast ein wichtiger Bestandteil meines Heilungsprozesses.

German title: „Versöhnung mit dem inneren Kind“. One of the great books of Thihh Nath Than. He is a buddhist monch and he has written man great books. Much more spiritual than my first book recommendation. And it is based on buddhism. But in combination with the other book, it was a vey valuable ressource for me.

German title: „Du musst nicht von allen gemocht werden“. This book by Ishiro Kishimi is based on the psychological model of Alfred Adler, and it differentiates from the model of Sigmund Freud. For me it was a very good add-on to the other books, because it was taking a look on different aspects or on same aspects, but from a different direction.

High sensitivity is a phenomena, that could be found at apr. 10% of all of us (numbers are varying depending on who you ask 😉 ). For me it was vey helpful to understand want happened to me in certain situations and it helped me to find tools to handle such situations and furthermore to understand, that being high sensitive is a great gift and therefore a great strength. Elain N Aron formed the term „High Sensitivity“. Therefore I recommend her book, if you feel, this could be a topic for you.

Solfeggio Frequencies are a well known tool. For me, they were ver helpful on my long walks to find inner peace. Esotericism sees powerful healing forces in this certain frequencies. In my opinion everybody has to find out on her/his own, if this works. But, nevertheless and as I said. I think they work pretty good to calm down. To find inner peace. And that is how I used them. I put one example here by Kev Thompson, but there are tons of different albums on Spotify and everywhere. I recommend, that you check out a few and stick to these, which fit best for you.

This book of the wonderful Oliver Jeffers is so beautiful and so sad at the same time. But. It gave me hope in several hard moments.

Another great book of Oliver Jeffers. I loved these books. They are beautiful drawn and the stories – though child stories – helped me in many difficult situations, to get back from the whole at least for a moment.  

The famous book of Paulo Coelho. I read while hiking on the St James Way. It is great and spiritual book. Especially if some sort of hike is part of your recovery.

A great movie about the St James Way, directed by Emilio Estevez and with hier father Martin Sheen in the leading role. This is by far the best movie about the St James Way and beside it is a wonderful movie about the meaning of live.

Ein toller Podcast rund um das Thema Hochsensibilität. Mir hat es sehr geholfen, mich selbst besser zu verstehen.

Link: The Podcast at Spotify

A great philosophy book to have a short look every other day. Every page consists of a short passage, whereby „Every short passage invites us to live out our dreams, to embrace the uncertainty of life, and to rise to our own unique destiny.“ (Goodreads) I am reading almost every day in this book at the moment.

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