Thorsten Jonas

Digital Sustainability & Sustainable UX

Hi! I am Thorsten,
Keynote Speaker, Sustainable Product Facilitator, Podcast Host and Founder of the SUX Network. I help companies and design-teams to innovate with care and to create more sustainable, responsible and ethical digital products.


I help companies and design-teams to innovate with care and to create more sustainable, responsible and ethical digital products. Why? Digital products can have various negativ impacts: They can produce tons of unnecessary CO2 emissions. By focussing on the users only, they are harming other actors (human / non-human). Or they incorporate existing inequalities and exclusions. I help companies to create sustainable and responsible products, that meet the changing end-customer demands, upcoming regulations and make sure we and the following generations still have a place and society to live in.

Keynote Speaker

I speak at international conferences about building Sustainable Digital Products and Sustainable UX. You can also book me for your company event​.

Consulting & Advisory

I help you to understand how to build more Sustainable Digital Products to meet future market demands and regulations.


I facilitate Sustainable Product and UX Workshops in various formats from Sustainable Innovation up to Sustainable User Journey Workshops.

Sustainability Audits

How sustainable is your digital product or experience? I help you to understand your status quo and how you can change it.

Corporate Training​​

I train your design or product teams to make Sustainability and Sustainable UX a default part of your work and processes.


I offer mentorship to designers and design teams ​to help on the journey to Sustainable UX and more responsible product creation.

Clients I work with

I work with various European clients like for example recently with LEGO, Deutsche Telekom, Visma, Siemens or ARD Mediathek on creating more sustainable digital products and experiences, provide trainings or giving in-house talks and workshops.

Book me as Speaker

You can book me for your conference or company events. As professional speaker for more than 10 years, I speak at international and national conferences and events, like Adobe MAX, IXDA Interaction Conference or World Usability Congress, as well as corporates like Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, LEGO, Otto or Nordea, etc. I also have been guest in various Podcasts and give lectures at universities. My topics are sustainable and responsible digital product & Design and Mental Health in the creative industry.

Next Events

These are the next public events where I will speak. You will be there as well? I would be happy to get on touch. Just let me know.

Boye 2023,

„Sustainable UX“

World Usability Day, Switzerland

Talk „Sustainable UX – Opportunity to impact and Responsibility to accept“

ARD UX Connect,

Talk & Workshop
„Sustainable UX in Practice“

The Sustainable UX Network (SUX)

In 2021 I founded the global community and non-profit initiative „SUX – The Sustainable UX Network“ with the goal to drive Sustainability through and within UX and Design. SUX is global community for designers to discuss and share ideas and thoughts around all aspect of sustainability.

SUX Podcast

Together with Bavo Lodewyckx I host SUX – The Sustainable UX Podcast – a podcast for designers, UX people and digital product builders who want to make an impact for a sustainable future. With the SUX Podcast we invite you to meet wonderful people from around the world and to get inspired by their way of trying to save the world through and within UX, Design and Tech.

About me

For more than 15 years I am working in the field of UX, Service Design and Strategic Digital Consulting, supporting clients to create meaningful products and build up, lead, coach UX and Product Teams. In 2020 and after going through a Burnout I quit my job as Director UX of an international Digital Agency to fully focus on some of the major issues we face as human beings and society and to drive change through and within my work.

Being a mountaineer for many years, I see every year how fast the glaciers are vanishing. Being up in the mountains shows me every time how dramatic the situation is and that we all need to act right now. With focussing on Sustainable UX and Design I want to bring my knowledge and experience to the table to help saving this world for us and every being on this planet.

„We need to move from a human to humanity and environmental-centered design approach.“​

Thorsten Jonas​

Start making your Digital Products​ sustainable

The clock is running. We need to get the digital products and experiences more sustainable. And this is also good for business. Not building sustainable products won’t be an option in a few years – consumers want it, regulations will demand it. Starting now is good for the planet, for our children and for your business.